Thursday, August 16, 2012

I am in love with Supergirl!

No, really, I am. It's real this time. It's true. It's forever.

Forget the faithless Wrenaya, forget Joelene, forget Shinarra (woops, was I not meant to say that? Sorry.), forget Harperella..... oh, wait, I never mentioned Harperella, bad mistake... anyway, forget all them.

There is only one. Supergirl. Supergirl of Lorien. I think she may have another name but I haven't learned it yet. Never mind about that.

She has it all. She has style. She has class. She has the outfit. She has the attitude. And she's super. Very super. Much like myself, of course, except that she's a girl and I'm not.

I must get my Fool to write a Supergirl Super Fanfare, to be used at appropriate Super Times, such as when Supergirl enters the Prancing Pony, or Supergirl kills a boar, or Supergirl first sees Aegthil. Just as long as my stupid Fool doesn't write about it in my Diary. He's always so damn serious when he writes in my Diary, like anyone actually gives a shit about what he has to say. I know I don't. I know YOU don't.

I must send Supergirl some flowers. I wonder how I can do that? Hmmm..... I know that she is going to fall in love with me, too, but first we have to meet. The flowers might help with that. And I'll have to make sure she doesn't hear about BBB or Madame Celestine's Establishment for Young Ladies. Or Wrenaya, come to think of it. Or Shinarra. Or Delna. Or Briamil.

Actually, let's just not mention CECs at all. That might be best.

Oh, oh, my love, wait for me, as I shall wait for thee, though all the world shall turn at last to dust, and all the stars shall descend into the darkness of oblivion, yet shall my love for thee shine like a beacon unto the very end of time.

Wait for me, my only love. I'm coming, Supergirl. I'm coming.

Er .... let me rephrase that.....


  1. *splutters into her tea*


  2. I have this feeling that Supergirl lives on a far, far away world with no way for Aegthil to get there from Landroval - probably for the best (certainly for Supergirl anyway)

  3. Thanks Cennwyn and Keli. :)

    I am curious though Aegthil...

    Like Aragorn and Arwen,
    I wonder if you are in,
    We shall see,
    If you are Legendary.

    From Danania to Aegthil...