Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dear Aunty Aegthil

Dear Aunty Aegthil,

Last night when I was in the Dancing Goat I saw an incredibly handsome man sitting at one of the tables, "quietly sipping gently on his delicious frothy ale which he held in his bare right hand that was covered in attractive fine golden hair, all the while smiling mysteriously yet invitingly at the buxom wenches perambulating in front of his dark, probing eyes". When he smiled at me I felt tingly all the way down to my toes, and I knew, right then, that he was the one.

However, when I approached him, I discovered that he was not what he seemed. He told me that he was the illegitimate vampire son of Gandalf the Wizard, who had been lost from birth when his mother, the Queen of the Cave Trolls, had died in the heroic defense of Dol Guldur against the forces of incredible evil, led by the henchman of Sauron, the lost 7th king of Numenor, who also happened to be her brother, and thus his uncle.

My heart is torn in two. I know that he must be an evil and bad man, but, despite his chequered history, I feel that he is rather misunderstood than otherwise, and I want to make it my life's goal to help this poor man to a better and deeper personal understanding, and to reconcile him with the world.

And I want to get his pants off.

Oh, Aunty Aegthil, what is the best way for me to do this? Should I join him at his table, and delicately partake of his frothing ale, while emoting a deep and sensitive conversation, or should I just take a more direct route and do the groin grab?

Yours sincerely,

A disturbed young lady, elegantly dressed in a fine silken robe, that tries, but fails, to cover up what is clearly a deeply attractive personal dichotomy, caused by the presence of heroic scars on her slim forearms that she tries unsuccessfuly to cover up, juxtaposed with silken blond hair tied back in a cleverly braided pattern that resembles old dwarven runes that are found only in the dungeons of Mirkwood, carved on the walls in intricate and enigmatic patterns.


Dear Disturbed Young Lady etc etc,

I suggest the groin grab. A vampire son of Gandalf the Wizard is unlikely to be able to communicate well enough to participate in a deep and sensitive conversation, which really only leaves you one option.

If that doesn't work, may I suggest you keep a close lookout for a handsome bald man in a lovely rose robe. He can offer solace, at very reasonable rates.

Aunty Aegthil


  1. For being one so disturbed by the so called 'groin grab,' you are now advocating it! Why am I not the least bit surprised!

    You deserve all the Delnas in Middle Earth, every last one.

    P.B. insists that I note this is a sensational post and worthy of howling laughter.

    B.B., the more degenerate one without the muffins

  2. I cannot decide who is more disturbed... the lady, the man, or Aunt Aegthil him/herself.

  3. This woman is new in town, isn't she? Only someone so obviously new would ever ask such a question of Auntie Aegthil.

    Or she's actually a "woman", and, well...good luck with THAT, Mister Mysterious

    -BB (The one *with* the muffins, apparently, and a severe lack of degenerateness)

  4. *starts reading*

    Haha. Oh, that's funny. "My heart is torn in two" - who would have thought that Aegthil had such a sensitive soul. Haha. Wait what? What pants? Young lady?

    *starts re-reading carefully, now from the very first string*

    Oh it's a letter, not a diary.

    - The not so degenerate but quite absent-minded Sarasti