Saturday, September 29, 2012

So where, exactly, is the Rose? Huh?

My Fool asked Hymne of Cosmetic Lotro to design costumes for the next BBB video. Well, you know, fair enough I suppose. I guess. But then the inevitable happens. All these costume ideas come back ... and none of them use Rose.

Well, hullo! Do they call me the ROSE Rockstar because I wear dull and dirty browns? No. I didn't think so either. Do they call me the ROSE Rockstar because I wear boring green? No. I didn't think so either. Do they call me the ROSE Rockstar because I wear vulgar orange? I'm beginning to see a pattern here.

I don't care how much my Fool likes these costume ideas. He is, after all, a Fool. But if I don't get a proper rose costume with sexy tights I will NOT be a part of this next moving picture.

I have standards. Just saying.

In other news, disaster has been averted in the CSTM auctions. For a time there Bandoras was leading the bidding for a hot date with me. I don't mind telling you I was very very nervous. He's a bobbit and he smells. Not a good combination. Not to mention that he'd asked Locney to come along to record the date for posterity. Eeeewwww. Bandoras AND Locney. Same room. Same time. I'd never keep my dinner down.

But all is well again. The CEC's have got in on the act, and I've had definite word of another major bidder poised to enter the fray. Oh yeah. You go, girl.

Come on Supergirl, you're missing out. You need to move faster than a speeding arrow instead of just sitting around on your lazy red and blue chuff.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Child's Play

My Fool, having a mental age of 7 as he does, takes delight in writing childish and infantile music. So, when somebody (I name no names) hinted that A Casual Stroll to Mordor (silly name. Have I said this before? I think I have.) would quite like a song to go with their Child Play Fellowship Walk, my Fool thought he'd oblige.

So he did. It's a silly little child's jig, for making them smile. Possibly it's the sight of Daddy dancing that makes them smile, but hey, whatever it takes.

mp3 file
abc file

In other news, the work on the new BBB moving picture proceeds apace. At this stage my Fool is just wondering if he's taken on more than he can chew, what with all the stuff that has to be done. Cosmetic Lotro has organised some wonderful wonderful costumes, Dannigan has agreed to play the role of Eorl, the nasty smelly man is Cirion the Steward and Hairball's better half is Borondir. Now it just needs hordes of LMB extras to play smelly horse people, and then hordes of everybody to stage the huge battle.

How exciting.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A dinner-date with ME! Yeah, baby.

A Casual Stroll to Mordor (silly name. Have I said this before? I think I have.) is about to become very very wealthy indeed. So am I*.

I have agreed that they are allowed to auction off one night of my time, for any lucky lady who wants to go out with me on a dinner-date. That's right! Wow! Amazing. One whole night with Aegthil the Rose Rockstar! And hey, you never know but what after a few glasses of wine (red wine, of course) the date might develop in all kinds of interesting steamy directions. Oh yeah. Bring that bat fur, baby.

I just know there is going to be huge interest in this. Bidding is going to be absolutely frantic. CECs will be falling over themselves in the rush to put money down. Hair (mostly blonde) will be torn. Faces will be scratched. Nails will be broken. Rude words will be thought, and maybe even verbally expressed. It's going to be mayhem, ladies and gentlemen, so get in quick with your bids.

Get in and win, for the night of your life, never to be forgotten. In years to come, when you sit with grandchildren on your knee, you'll still be saying "Ah, I remember that night with Aegthil as if it were yesterday".

Don't miss out. Bid now.

Don't bother bidding on the other auctions, mostly by losers like Cosmetic Lotro and Elrond and Frodo. I think that Frodo is auctioning off some personal jewelry items, but nothing important.

* For those of you who fondly imagine that a Casual Stroll to Mordor (silly name. Have I said this before? I think I have.) is not going to get rich out of this extravaganza, well, think again. You don't really believe they're going to pass the money on to help with the care of baby bobbits, do you? Ha, no way. Nobody would be that silly. We're actually going to split the money three ways. Two parts for me, and one part for a Casual Stroll to Mordor (silly name. Have I said this before? I think I have.) But it's still worth it, worth every penny.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

For Shinarra, by the Fool

I tried for some time to write a song for Shinarra. I know she would have wanted a happy, lively song, a song people could dance to, a song people could jump around to, and think of her. But I couldn't.

I tried, I really did try. But the happy Shinarra songs just weren't there.

Instead, at my last gig, I was sitting at the bar drinking red wine (as I tend to do), thinking of Shinarra. I was on a break, the band was on a break. So I stood up and started playing, without thinking, with no plan in mind. Not even a key in mind. I just started playing.

And this song came out. The band joined in on the second verse and asked what it was. I didn't say much. I was thinking of Shinarra. They, as bands do, grimaced, made inappropriate and rude remarks, and blasted into the next song. I couldn't help thinking how Shinarra, the ultimate CEC, would have laughed and laughed.

Here's an abc arrangement of it, and an mp3 file. I did the simplest abc arrangement possible, very sparse, very short. Shinarra might have preferred something else, who knows, but she will forgive me for writing what I felt then, and still feel today.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Death of a kinmate, by the Fool

Last week, while I was away, the player of Shinarra died. Unexpectedly, at least to me, and certainly suddenly. One day she was here, the next she wasn't. She was, as I am, of the older generation of Lotro players, but as one gets older one realises, with stark clarity, that one is always too young to die.

Shinarra was a great favourite of mine. She was hilarious. Great company. She took on the role of Cute Elvish Chick with enthusiasm. She could be relied on to participate, to help, to be kind to others, to laugh at a stupid joke, to reply with a joke herself. She was a great dancer. She will be remembered for a long time for her contribution to the game, and to the lives of others. I will never forget her, beyond a doubt, and I will remember her with great fondness.

Estellost and Shinarra's real-life family have my deepest sympathy.

I am trying to write a song for Shinarra. Melodies, harmonies, musical structures, usually come easily to me. But not this time. The notes have failed me, and they find no patterns. They fall wrong, they clash, they squabble amongst themselves. Real sadness for a kinmate and a friend has interfered.

Maybe in time the music will come. Just not yet.