Wednesday, September 19, 2012

For Shinarra, by the Fool

I tried for some time to write a song for Shinarra. I know she would have wanted a happy, lively song, a song people could dance to, a song people could jump around to, and think of her. But I couldn't.

I tried, I really did try. But the happy Shinarra songs just weren't there.

Instead, at my last gig, I was sitting at the bar drinking red wine (as I tend to do), thinking of Shinarra. I was on a break, the band was on a break. So I stood up and started playing, without thinking, with no plan in mind. Not even a key in mind. I just started playing.

And this song came out. The band joined in on the second verse and asked what it was. I didn't say much. I was thinking of Shinarra. They, as bands do, grimaced, made inappropriate and rude remarks, and blasted into the next song. I couldn't help thinking how Shinarra, the ultimate CEC, would have laughed and laughed.

Here's an abc arrangement of it, and an mp3 file. I did the simplest abc arrangement possible, very sparse, very short. Shinarra might have preferred something else, who knows, but she will forgive me for writing what I felt then, and still feel today.

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