Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lotroplayers, by the Fool

I've been really impressed by a new set of blogs... comments... articles... whatever, that has appeared on It's called Lotroplayers. They have a great selection of writers on a range of topics, ranging from music to raiding. Not that I would ever read a raiding article or I would lose my idiot licence. But still, if you're into that, there they are.

But they have three (yes, read it again, THREE) writers on music matters, which is pretty damn impressive if you ask me (or even if you don't), and those writers are the best in the LOTRO music business. Now they need to get Phedelene writing for them as well, to complete the set. And Beorbrand (Aegthil will kill me for saying that). And that dorf guy from ... The Breakfast Club. The Chosen Few? I think it's him I mean. And Macalaure, who plays for .... er... some band. Maybe Andunie, with a funny twiddle on the e. And that Songburrow Stroller bobbit person... er... Lina?

I can never remember anybody's name. Geriatric problems. I also have trouble with bladder control.

Anyway, given that LOTRO music is pretty much the beginning and end of my LOTRO interest, this is pretty cool. Well, fine, I exaggerate. I also like making dicky videos, offending serious people, behaving badly, and even killing a monster or two, but really, it's all about the music.

I've thought for some time that LOTRO stood in dire need of a collection like this. So kudos to whoever organised it, as wot I have no idea who it was. In general, I reckon that Lotro doesn't have many good bloggers. Some, sure, just not that many, and not all the good ones post regularly. The WoW world is inundated with bloggers, most of whom are crappy of course, but the volume is so high that you get enough decent ones to read. Not so in LOTRO. *sigh*.

In other news, I have learned a whole lot of stuff I didn't need to. Such is the danger of opening a Twitter account. I tell you, I'm way too old, and way too grumpy to be a Twitterer. Or a Twit. Whatever.

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