Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Freedom beckons

I have nothing against Madame Celestine's Educational Establishment for Young Ladies.  Nothing at all. It's a lovely place. Great people, lots of stuff to do. One is never bored. A highly stimulating environment.

But, with all this, a change is as good as a wash, and my current unvaried diet palls eventually.

There are upsides, of course. I have the perfect excuse for missing Weatherstock, always a good thing to have. And to miss. A whole day of pseudo rock stars, and not one is wearing rose! Pathetic, really. BBB is again banned from attendance, due to Weatherstock local ordinances. People can be so petty and unforgiving.

But my time in durance vile comes to an end. Real Soon Now. Only another month or so. My Fool is already making plans for the next BBB extravaganza. He needs real singers, real players. A Capella singing. Maybe. If it works. Lots of vocal harmonies. Dancing galore. Orcs up the wazoo.

It's A Casual Stroll to Mordor Rave Dance Party Exercise Video. So get off your fat lazy chuff and volunteer to help him.

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