Monday, March 11, 2013

A Dummies Guide to making LOTRO videos

Somebody asked me to write this, so I did. You may or may not find it useful. I actually have no idea whether everybody already knows all this, and does it better anyway, or whether I should be awarded a Nobel prize for genius and creativity.

Well, actually, I do really.

A Dummies Guide to making LOTRO videos.


  1. You forgot to mention yell and scream a lot to demand the utmost from your volunteer actors. Actors aren't happy unless they are cowered into performing :P

    Good thoughts really. I guess I am going to have to look up animated masking. Just FYI, I use Sony Vegas for my video editor with my PC and am pretty happy with it. Of course my main issue is that just running LOTRO puts a big strain on my machine and running it at high graphics settings causes all kinds of issues. Poor me...

    Of course everyone should really write their own music for their videos. This is obvious. And terribly easy apparently :D


  2. Good stuff this, Fool.
    ~BB, Most Degenerate