Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Fool's partial farewell

It's going to be a busy year for me. I'll be out of New Zealand for around 6 months or so (I'm out right now, as it happens, in that lovely state of Texas, where everything is bigger, apparently), and busy when I'm home. New writing projects for one thing, and other stuff.

When I'm traveling I can't play Lotro, and when I'm busy I don't have time to think about writing Lotro music, or making videos. I doubt I'll write many blog entries over the next year, if any. And I don't see myself writing more music, or doing more videos, for quite a while.

If I'm being entirely honest, Lotro has also become increasingly difficult and annoying to play. My Windows client is unplayable because it crashes all the time, and my Mac client doesn't play music properly. At my advanced age I just don't need the irritation. I can read a book instead (I have special glasses, designed for old people).

So, a partial farewell. Aegthil will still be around every so often, but not reliably. He'll enjoy the rest, I think. I'll continue to join BBB and EEE whenever I can, but there will be long periods when I'm not there.

Not that I'm narcissistic enough to imagine that anybody will particularly care, and many will heave a sigh of relief, but at least it explains why that irritating bloody pink prat isn't around so much.


  1. I for one will miss you Pinky - don't be a stranger...

  2. What's this now? 'Partial farewell'?? Is that how the Bree-Town Watch refers to "repeat offenders" now? Maybe there will be more bail money to cover the rest of us until you come back.


  3. Ack, there are some of us who will miss you a LOT.

    Anyway, why can't you play while travelling. Get a grip, man. Get yourself sorted and re-examine your priorities!

  4. But wait, you're interesting, and amusing... there's only a handful of people who-- oh, never mind.

    *wanders off dejectedly to play Rift*

    (Computer issues are the most frustrating thing, ugh. And I understand wanting a break... we'll see you whenever... Oh and if your travels bring you here to the SF Bay area, let me know and I'll buy you lunch!)

  5. I care. Just a little though :P I completely understand. Hardware and other issues have been slowing me up too. Maybe I will dye my armor rose colored in support of the most creative dresser in LOTRO and so people won't forget you and your "contributions". Maybe we can do group raids with everyone in rose colored hawtpants. That would be awesome! Or maybe we should try to forget quietly in our own little way. Take care Fool. Don't forget the little people ;-)


  6. Sad face. Don't bail on us, Mr. Pink Rockstar.


  7. Ha, I could never stop Lotro entirely. No bailing, I promise. I could never bail on a game with a music system like Lotro's. That by itself will ensure I keep coming back for the forseeable future. Well, that and the LMB, which is the greatest kinship in the world. It's just that, sometimes, real life gets busy.

    And with the traveling, I just don't have a laptop that can play Lotro when I'm not at home, which makes it a little difficult. Otherwise, I could play in airport lounges! Wouldn't that be cool? A minstrel can dream...

    The Fool

  8. Noooo! I just got my lovely Isengard prisoner's outfit I was going to dye green to counter the garish rose colored aura (or is it fumes) you give off.

    I understand the frustrations of client crashes. I have to lug my own booze and pies to A&T since I cannot trade with anyone, going in to an instance is almost as bad.

    Safe travels friend! I look forward to seeing you again in game (though I will deny it vehemently).

    -- Songcake

  9. I died a little inside reading this.

    Enjoy your travels, Fool, and don't forget us completely here in Middle Earth.

    Beor & PB

  10. :( Aww, you will be missed.

    Fortunately... with a creative mind like yours, you need not even be in game to blog occasionally. Who needs facts and circumstance when completely fabricated artistry will fuel the fire. :D

    See you soon Aegthil.

  11. Enjoy your travels, Fool :) I hope the year is busy in a good way, and I hope your old-people glasses don't break on you.