Friday, January 9, 2015

Winterstock, by the Fool

I've been meaning for quite a long time now to write a theme song for Winterstock, but I never got around to it. Until now, that is. I did a tune for Weatherstock some time ago, so it was time I completed the pair.

Here's the mp3 and here's the abc file. I can't admit to being particularly happy with it, although Cennwyn wrote some lovely lyrics, which are at the bottom of the abc file. It takes a lot of thought and effort to try and avoid my stuff all sounding a bit sameish, and this one suffers from that, I think. As well as too much cut and paste. The opening of the tune is weak, and the rhythm is kind of a bit boring. However, it really is designed to be sung with lyrics, not just listened to, so that will cover a multitude of sins.

Lilikate is working on a classical kind of version of the song, and I'm curious to see how that goes. Aegthil meets Vivaldi. Actually, that sounds kind of intriguing. Maybe I'll have a crack at writing a Baroque version. Not a bad idea at all, that ... certainly worth a thought or two. Mind you, anything like that really requires the use of a proper music composition program. With Vivaldi, Bach, etc, there is a huge reliance on pattern, not just in chords, but also in rhythm. And the best way to see those patterns laid out is in proper musical notation. You just can't see them in the abc file. I rather enjoy laying out multiple lines in a weaving counterpoint and getting them all to fit together. I'm rambling.

There's a crap load of bands playing at Winterstock this year. It's always a surprise to me to see just how busy the Lotro music scene is. I mean, how the hell do you get, what, 32 bands to do a four-day concert? It's extraordinary. 

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  1. Nice work, Fool

    Actually, it's 33 bands now! What you do is get a lazy, good for nothing, waste of space called Geoffroi who has nothing better to do to go round and beg, cajole, bribe, seduce every band leader he knows. And do it for 11 servers. Piece of cake.