Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Song, by Tuiliel.

Two serious videos in a row. Deary me. I'm not sure that BBB's reputation will ever recover.

This was a challenge, no doubt about it. Lotro has a very limited range of emotional expression, and yet the poem by Tuiliel relied very heavily on emotional content. It was, by the way, a lovely poem. Very well crafted, great metre and rhythm, and a clean storyline. All the ingredients of a good video right there.

However, there's a reason why BBB videos are mostly based on silly things, and foolishness. Not just because BBB people are silly and foolish (although this is undeniable) but also because it's very difficult to do anything else. How do you make foofy elves look sad? Hell, I don't know. You can't really. Crying? Caricatured and pathetic emotes, completely lacking any emotional punch. Hopeless. How do you portray a grieving elf lady, in emotional pain? Well, you just don't. You can try for a million bloody years, but Lotro just doesn't do emotion. Well, at least Lotro and I don't. To be honest, it's probably my own fault, as in a lack of skill or imagination, but hey, one never likes to admit that, so I'll continue to blame Lotro.

Anyway, so I took a rather different tack. Slow shots. Lots of scenery. Still figures. Water, water everywhere. Not a lot of movement. It was a very different style for me, and not easy to adjust to it.

However, I'm reasonably happy with the outcome. I don't think it'll get any better, no matter how much longer I work it over. Bits in the music irritate me also, now, having listened to them so often. Too much plucking guitar arpeggios, not enough variation. But, eventually, enough is enough. I could be rewriting and rewriting for the next 6 months and still not get anywhere better.

Next up, the BBB Yulefest video. All hell will break loose with this one. I am sick of serious. However, I don't have any time to do it. A couple of trips in December really make this tricky, and it's a busy busy time of year. Not to mention that there was mutiny in the ranks, and BBB told me to bloody well piss off. Or something. They wanted to have a life instead, I think. Ingrates!

So it's unlikely to be done by Xmas. But maybe afterwards.


  1. Was this the video created for the CSTM auction winner? I plan to say nice things about The Fool again on my podcast, and I want my information as corret as possible.


  2. *sniff* That was bea-u-tiful...

  3. Yep, Alinniel, it was Tuiliel who won the CSTM auction, so we made the video for her. Feel free to say as many nice things about me as you like, no matter how false they are!

    In fact, it's probably better if they are false, come to think of it. If you need a list of 20 false nice things to say about me I can provide one fairly easily.

    1. Young.
    2. Handsome.
    3. Tall.
    4. Slender.
    5. Sporty.
    6. Did I say handsome already?
    7. Very well dressed.
    8. Stylish.
    9. Handsome.
    10. Elegant.
    11. Lots of head hair.
    12. No body odour.
    13. Handsome.
    14. Etc.

    The Fool

  4. If I'm going to sell out my journalistic *cough* integrity I'll need a large payment.