Friday, September 2, 2011

Back into Moria

Woops. Well. That was slightly ambitious. So, back into Moria I go. Once those nasty orcs and goblins get to be red, then it's difficult even for a super-minstrel like myself to kill them. Mostly, I have to run away. Which is still very brave and clever and handsome, but slightly less useful, I must admit.

So I shall have to spend a little more time admiring the dwarfish delights of this bloody great hole in the ground.

Farewell sun. Farewell pretentious and irritating elves. Greetings again to short hairy dwarfs with short hairy women. Horrible. With all due respect to Khizli. Horrible.

I wonder. If I just hang out in the Dancing Goat, will I improve? I mean, apart from the obvious general improvement in looks, personality, temperament, and overall appeal, will I actually get better at killing baddies?

An interesting question. I should ask Madame Celestine.

1 comment:

  1. All this talk of being in and out of Moria? Is it like being stuck in a closet, so to speak (philosophically, of course)? ;)