Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The MVT performance: Aegthil the star

I am delighted to announce to all my adoring fans that I have been cast as the major lead romantic role in the upcoming Mer Vanny Tiddlywinks performance of..... er.... some play or other.  Silmalalatothefairies or something, by some guy I've never heard of.  The play is all about a minstrel from Gondor (that's me!) who comes to Bree and plays music and all the women fall in love with him, and a band plays music in his honour.

Fionalulu is playing the part of Apple-Sherie, of course. We get to make eyes at one another across a crowded dance floor, and then I make a speech, and then she makes a speech, and then a bunch of Mer Vanny Tiddlywinks play some music for us, and then I get to do another speech.

There's a bit more music in my honour, and then I have to pretend to be angry (like I could ever be angry with my darling Fionalulu!) and walk away. Something like that. I think the kissing and bedroom scenes must come later in the performance, because there was nothing like that at rehearsal. When I pinched Fionalulu's bottom (for additional authenticity) she didn't seem to appreciate it. Well, not openly anyway. I'm sure she was glowing inside.

I will be wearing a nice white costume (a bit different from my usual black, but that is to maintain the proper emotional distance from the part) and Fionalulu will be wearing the usual sort of leather gear. I think so, anyway, but there were no costumes at the rehearsal.

There are some other people doing stuff, but nothing important.

It's going to be a great show and the Tiddlywinks are lucky to have me in the starring role!

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