Thursday, August 30, 2012

Identity confusion

My Fool has gone away for another few weeks, leaving me happily ensconced in my Rivendell Love Grotto with pseudo-Supergirl. It appears that we made an understandable error in the Dancing Goat the other day (anybody could have done it!), and ran off with the wrong young lady dressed in blue and red.

When quizzed about her name, she merely replied "What would you like it to be, handsome?". I thought this was a perfectly acceptable answer, and I answered "Well, can you be Supergirl?" "Sure", she replied, and everything was happy again.

Pseudo-Supergirl and I have plenty of supplies, but are making determined efforts to deplete them as quickly as possible. This makes writing my diary a tricky exercise as my diary keeps moving for some reason.

I think I shall desist for now. I really need a rest.


  1. Oh dear. Oh my. Oh no. Are you still alive in that love grotto of yours, Aegthil? Middle Earth to Aegthil. Yoohoo. You have every reason to live! Well... maybe definitely. *sigh* There she goes just a walking down the street, clap clap clap diddy clap diddy get a clue.

    ~B^2 (Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks?)

  2. Oh Aegthil... you silly silly minstrel. :D I am glad to know you are well and your friend is alive (though one might question her mental state).

    I was initially a bit surprised that you stood me up. But it was all for the best. You did your thing, and I got to see Apis and then spend time with the awesome Tomerica. So, my dance card was full.

    Besides, I really don't think you could have handled me anyway.