Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A pleasant home

The Lonely Mountain Band has been the lucky winner! We shall see how well they are able to cope with the presence of genius in their midst. Not everybody can manage, or so has been my experience.

My first task shall be to persuade them all to change the name of the kinship to Aegthil's Participatory and Social Mountain and Valley Orchestral Band. Somehow that just seems catchier, more inclusive, and the explicit association with me can only be a bonus.

In other news, I continue to explore these barbarous northern regions and am now quite adept at running away from various nasties that want to chew on me. I can find my way around Weathertop without getting lost more than two or three times, and the folks at the Lonesome Inn, or some such dreary name, recognise my handsome face now and ask me to play for them. I decline, of course. My talent is not to be wasted on such as they.

My tailoring skills continue to impress all and sundry, as I am now an Expert. Very impressive, if I say so myself. The one trouble is that, in order to make tailoring sorts of things, I generally need to go and kill other sorts of things with hides. Rabbits and so forth. This is work. I break my fingernails. I bruise easily. I have not yet thought of a solution to this problem.

Fortunately, it remains relatively easy to pick up bits of wood and ore that are just left lying around. Most untidy. The Auction House is a convenient and anonymous way to dispose of such unwanted material, and I am now up to the princely sum of 5 gold pieces. I don't do this myself, of course. That would be beneath me. I am not a huckster, a merchant, a small-minded pursuer of vile lucre. I am not in Trade. I am an Artist.

But the five gold is nice.

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