Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ales and Tales

My Fool is amazed, in a kind of low-intelligence and pathetic fashion. I am not, of course. I am merely offended and not at all amused.

I attended my very first Ales and Tales event, run by the soon-to-be-called Aegthil's Social and Participatory Mountain and Valley Orchestral Band. My Fool was highly impressed by the level of effort put in by a large number of people. He saw coordinated dancing! (Pfft, I thought, much better in Gondor). He thought the music to be excellent, well coordinated and performed. (I laugh at the thought. It was definitely second-rate stuff. I've seen better at the Gondor Babies Academy.)

Indeed, I had a major disagreement with my Fool over this. He insisted on remaining quietly in the background, the newcomer, trying not to get in the way, looking on and learning. He completely refused to allow me to take my natural place in the limelight. People would have so greatly appreciated my wonderful talents, and I was allowed no opportunity for their display.

He is a babbling idiot, my Fool, a babbling idiot.

To change the topic slightly (it's not all about me, you know) there is much that still puzzles my Fool, in fact. He had no idea how the Ales and Tales seemed to be in some sort of parallel universe, and was greatly confused by not initially being able to find them. Was he making me run through the crowd over and over again on his smelly horse, all too visible to the others who were invisible to him? Possibly? How humiliating that would be.

And what's with his inabiltiy to find me a Fellowship to kill stuff for me? He claims to have tried and tried, but has yet been totally incapable of finding others to do the work for me in the Great Barrows. It's rather annoying, actually, for both of us. My Fool likes it when I sing to people, and I like to exhibit my talents. But no takers yet. Even when he advertises in the LFF channel (whatever that means; I'm merely quoting him) he gets no takers.

Personally, I think that people are merely intimidated by my reputation, and nervous about his known idiocy.

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