Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My Fool tells me that the reason he "rolled a character on Landroval" was because it was reputed to be full of roleplayers. I have no idea what he means by this rolling nonsense, probably nothing important, but I've seen these roleplayers myself, as the Bree gossip is full of advertisements to join kinships, who claim to be roleplayers. Or, more usually, Roleplayers. With a very definite Capital Letter.

My Fool thinks this is great, he says he loves roleplaying, but I'm a little nervous. What about if I join a kinship and they refuse to recognise my genius? They might want me to do the dishes, or sweep the floor. They might want me to sit and listen while they tell me long and boring stories of their own deeds, like I would care. They might insist on story "construction", rather than just letting me get on with being me. It's all very difficult to know what to do. What about if they make me sit an examination on the history of Bree, or some other forsaken bloody place? Could be humiliating. So I haven't yet responded to any of the advertisements. Maybe one day.

I know that my Fool has had some difficult experiences in the past with Roleplayers. He doesn't know anything about LOTRO (which is obvious) but he's met Roleplayers in other places and some of them have been pompous, humourless, self-righteous, nasty little prats. Some have been lovely. (Not the same ones.) Some Roleplayers would even think that my Fool is a pompous, self-righteous little prat. They would be right, of course. Except that he's not so little any more.

But whenever we come across Roleplayers who explain everything they are doing in precious little OOC explanations our teeth ache. He might be a Fool, but he's not always wrong, and on this we are in complete agreement.

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