Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On Mirkwood matters and foul pink

My Fool has been busy making the latest music video, for Wrenaya. It's almost done, thank goodness, as then I can get back to a normal life. There's only so much of Madame Celestine I can take. My stamina is limited. Maybe Beorlich can help me there... hmmm... not a bad idea. Although I did get to see Wrenaya bathing, which was totally worth it.

Anyway, when I was allowed out I was mostly camping in Mirkwood, to get that lovely black horse. Which, of course, I now have. Beorbrand and Dannigan's Shenanigans will try to claim credit for this, but no way. They are so full of it. I saved their arses so many times with my super powerful healing, they are lucky to be alive. They still exist thanks to me. They should pay me.

Anyway, who would call their son Dannigan's Shenanigans, and then why on earth would he hang out with Beorbrand? I mean, I can see some serious life issues right there. That guy has problems.

Thanks to my Mirkwood efforts I have now reached the exalted level of 67. I think. Maybe 66. Or possibly 68. It's not quite clear, but it's one of those big numbers. Huge numbers. Not huge enough to suit my lavish rock star life style, but getting there. Next time I spar with the nasty piper man he's going to be sitting on the ground in two seconds flat, I tell you. He's looking nervous already, and so he should be.

And not only am I super powerful, I am super handsome with my nice new black horse. Did I mention that before? It's a horse. And it's black. And, oh my word (Gracious!, as Wrenaya would say) isn't it lovely (hic donce heorse sic goerd lukking)?

Almost as handsome as I am. Although I must admit my Fool has forbidden me to wear rose armour. It looked so lovely, and was so distinctive! But my Fool says Rose is not The New Black, he says it is The New POS, which stands for something rather rude so I won't repeat it, and that if he's forced to watch my rear end all day he'll be damned if he watches a foul-arse pink POS rear end, and that is that. No discussion.

So my armour is Back in Black. Fortunately, I'm still super handsome.


  1. Item 1 *Some rock star you are if you are running out of stamina for Mdme. Celestine's House of Wonders! I am disappoint!

    Item 2 *Pfft!

    Item 3 *Last I checked, you were level 3. If not externally, then internally. Maybe 12 if you are lucky. Go back to the Gondor Babies' Academy, why don't you? Whether we spar next with cooking pans or toothpicks, you will wish you had!

    Item 4 *ROFL

    Item 5 *Good to see you back in Black! Does this mean you're giving up being new and improved?

    Esq. Beorbrand the Red

  2. Echoing the Beard here -- it's good to see you Back in Black! I have to say, I don't miss the "new and improved" Aegthil at all. Putting so much effort into your "humble" attitude must have caused your loss of stamina. At least the Beard seems to have suggested a quick-and-easy short-term solution to that... just go and get bitten by Gourgini!

  3. Thank you for correcting your cosmetic offense. I always knew you would realize your mistake some day. :)