Thursday, March 29, 2012

This weekend it's Party Time

Oh yeah. It's the LMB fourth year anniversary. Something like a third year anniversary, but a bit longer. Or possibly a bit shorter, depending on which universe you live in.

Actually, talking about that, expert opinion states officially that if you live in Aegthil's universe, you need therapy. I think this is unfair, although not necessarily untrue.

Anyway, as I was saying, it's party time. Party at the kinhouse, party along the road, party at ... er... well, other places too. In particular, party at the Huge Mega Concert, with the perfect name: CWNFANFTMCWNELBWAABOSMHU, which stands for Carica's Wonderful Name For The Mega Concert Which Everybody Likes Because If We Didn't She'd Thump Us And We Don't Want To Be Thumped.

Three bands. Three sets of songs. Three groups of kinnies. 3 screaming and adoring fans. Oh no, wait, that's 3000 screaming adoring fans.

One Rose Rockstar.

Woo Hoo.

In other words, the usual BBB concert time (the new Sunday Afternoon Geriatric Extravaganza, or SAGE) is being invaded by Old Winyards and The Andune Ensemble. And we are going to rock on out like there's no tomorrow. Be there, or be square. Or both, in some cases. Like if you're a dorf for instance, or a bobbit. They are naturally square because of their genetic deficiencies and thus if they are there at all they are necessarily there and square. Ahem.

Just saying.

Of course, this is all payback for BBB's appearance at Ales and Tales. We all thought that Lennidhren needed a good heart flushthrough, clear out the arteries a bit, so we turned up on horseback and 'helped' Old Winyards. Noisily. With considerable enthusiasm.

I'm not sure that Lenni has recovered yet from the shock. Sources tell me she is still in bed, with the sheets pulled up over her head, muttering to herself  "pipes... pink... pipes... pink... pipes... pink...". Poor Lenni.

Still, she'll get her revenge on Sunday. I'm reliably informed that Lenni is planning to appear as did Lady Godiva, well dressed in hair, riding a white horse at speed right through the middle of BBB, tromping on the pipes player.

Quite frankly, I can hardly wait.

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