Monday, April 2, 2012

The Great Anniversary Party Mega Band

Oh yeah. What more need be said?

Well, OK, OK, lots more needs to be said, but I'm mostly too lazy to say it. But it was a blast. Mouldy Vinyards, The Out-Of-Tune Ensemble, and Bobbits Bonking Bunnies. Woo Hoo.

And oh, the fireworks, the fireworks!

My Fool tried to catch as much of it on video as he could, but was only partially successful. Still, he got a lot. Actually, that raises a point for commentary. I do try always to respond to anyone who talks to me, or makes fun of me. I figure that if they're brave enough to comment on my handsome bald head, or to rib me about my nice legs, they deserve everything they get. I always try to give it back. With interest and malice aforethought. On the rare occasion that someone actually says something nice, I even try to respond to that appropriately (i.e., I only mock their parentage not their personal body odour).

But when my Fool is filming, and multiple bands are playing, and he's trying to control the camera, check the lighting, check which shot he's meant to be doing, correct the angles, avoid the trolls, and maybe even try to play a little bit, all with no interface showing, it means that a lot of Aegthil-directed abuse just doesn't get seen.

I feel that all those people are getting a free shot, with no consequences. It just isn't fair.

Mind you, it's not as difficult as the jobs that the poor old band leaders do; Beorbrand, Geoffroi and Lennidhren. Organising Lotro musicians is worse than herding cats. Those three are brilliant. You quote me, I kill you. I never, ever, said that.

My Fool was delighted, though, when someone in the concert recognised a Joe Cocker riff in one of his songs. Ooo... he said to himself... oooooo.... how exciting. Of course, I didn't get to say anything as my Fool was too busy, but whoever is the Joe Cocker fan out there, know that you made my Fool very happy. Of course, this person probably only knew it was Cocker because I said it was in my diary, but hey, even false happiness is better than none at all.

In other news, my Fool was also told his voice is "mellifluous". I told him this is Elvish for "sounds like a cheese-grater". I think he believed me. He had got all excited, but I brought him back to earth real quick smart.

But enough about my Fool. More about me. In the next installment, gentle reader, so you will just have to wait.

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