Saturday, April 21, 2012

Poor Aegthil, by the Fool

I'm afraid that poor Aegthil has been attacked once again by a marauding band of bobbits, and this time the damage to his writing hand is so severe that he is unlikely to be able to write anything for quite some time.

As his Fool I am not unhappy about this. I feel that such a silly and one-dimensional character as Aegthil has only a limited currency, quickly spent. After a while, his diary becomes merely repetitive and I find myself lacking the inclination to help him write it. In addition, I am beginning a series of other writing projects, and have less time to devote to silly old Aegthil's diary.

Aegthil will, of course, continue to write and perform music, to kill monsters, to irritate everybody he meets, to make videos, and to hang with the cool kids in BBB. He will still be around. He might be foolish and irritating, but I still love the old fellow. It's merely his literary endeavours that are on hold. You never know, he may write more once he recovers from his injuries. But then again, he may not.


  1. Oh no! This is a tragedy! I bet Aegthil's hand is just cramped from... well, I won't say.

    I do enjoy reading about his exploits, I really do. If Aegthil were to stop wearing that Eau de Pie, perhaps the bobbits wouldn't chase him as much. Then again, I heard he is the Bieber of the Shire, or the Shire of the LMB, or some such rot... :)

    Dust off the old boy and come killing orcs!
    Middle Earth is all the better when Aegthil and his Fool are about!

  2. How sad... I always found Aegthil's adventures fun to think about in retrospect, even if some peeps may have yelled at him at the time. I'll echo the sentiment above -- Aegthil and his Fool do a lot to brighten up the place.

    Here's hoping you both decide to pick up ink and quill again sometime in the near future! Don't let the Shire Country Music scare you away!


  3. I can always rely on Aegthil's journal to make me chuckle, so I shall be sorry to turn to other, lesser forms of entertainment while he's on hiatus here.