Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Lonely Mountain Band Song and Video

Well, it's finally done. Whew. It took a bit longer than expected, but only because my Fool went away on holiday in the middle of the job. Typical.  However, he went to that lovely beach that appears at the beginning of the Prince Caspian movie, so it wasn't all bad. He went and did absolutely nothing for a few days. Lazy bugger.

Anyway, the video. It's an awful lot of work from an awful lot of people, particularly Floradine, who did all the audio engineering. And did a very professional job of it, too. Impressive stuff. Real instruments, real singing, coordinated from Germany to New Zealand, and a lot of countries in between. Not bad for a bobbit, I must say.

But lots of other people helped an enormous amount. My Fool couldn't have done it without Beorbrand and PB. Most of the good ideas belong to them. Actually, that's true for all the BBB videos. And I really mean that. Sarasti did the lovely artwork at the beginning. You can tell from the way she dresses that she has real style. She bugged my Fool mercilessly about the colour balance. What's wrong with blue, he said. No way, said Sarasti, just fix it. What colour is green, anyway, said the Fool. Behave yourself, said Sarasti, just fix it. Carica showed her talent for improvisational comedy. Not just in her choice of a bobbit as an avatar (I mean, that is comedy right there), but in her starring performances also. Not to mention her patience as we filmed and refilmed and refilmed and refilmed and refilmed her sequences, to try and get the timing right.

Special thanks to Madaelin and Brenstan who organised the dancers at Ales & Tales for the shot. They're not even in the LMB and now they're associated with it. They'll have to go into hiding. And use disinfectant daily.

There's probably a bunch of other people I should be thanking also, but hey, my Fool is old and he forgets stuff. It's called geriatric senility. It's really not his fault, and anyway it's not polite to make fun of people with disabilities, so leave him alone.

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