Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lucky old Dancing Goat

Shortly I shall be forced into yet another extended stay at the Dancing Goat. Butterbuns will be very pleased, I know, as he loves my playing and he's my good friend. He always tells me how much he appreciates my entertaining his clientele. I'm sure that attendance at the Dancing Goat has increased dramatically since I moved north from Gondor.

Only to be expected, of course. It must be nice for the northern wilds to get a taste of sophisticated culture for a change.

Of course, there's the odd nay-sayer; every so often one hears of bitter and twisted old crones who resent my popularity and make nasty remarks behind my back, but they are few and far between. Pay no attention.

Anyway, as I was saying, it'll be Butterbuns and the Dancing Goat for me for a while, as my Fool is off on travels again, for a week or so. Mostly he'll be swimming in warm water, looking at tropical fish and manta rays. He won't think about me once, I'm quite sure.

I shall have to write to Madam Celestine and see if she runs a delivery service.

1 comment:

  1. I'll alert Butterbur to your arrival so he can post a sign "fully booked, no more room" on his door. Maybe you should try the Forsaken Inn in the Lonelands for a change? They seem to have very nice rooms for special guests in the cellar!!
    Of course I wish your fool a very pleasant stay between the tropical fish and hope he comes home in one piece after swimming with the manta rays, because I really love his blog and look forward to reading more about your musical (mis)adventures!