Monday, July 18, 2011

A rare outing

I haven't been allowed out much, as my Fool has been working on the theme tune for Ales and Tales. Yet another pathetic piece of musical trivia, I fear, but he enjoys himself, I suppose, which stops him irritating me so much.

My enforced sojourn has been made all the pleasanter by fond memories of our latest performance in the Dancing Goat. Beor played those nasty pipes again, goodness knows why. I've told him often enough what they are like, but he just doesn't listen.

Still, my groupies didn't seem to mind them so much, mostly because I'm sure they were just concentrating on me, not the pipes. Delna and Ashmara were clearly very taken indeed with my imposing good looks and nice new black robe. Ashmara didn't make it all that obvious I suppose, but I can interpret her superficial rudeness. I understand what she's really trying to say, deep down.

Delna was slightly more obvious. Just slightly. My Fool didn't let me take full advantage as he's not too keen on my leaving a string of broken hearts behind, but what can I do? Can I make myself less handsome, less charming, less talented?

No, I didn't think so.

Oh, and the music? Pfft. More stuff like my Fool writes, but played on the pipes, so worse. My Fool enjoys it, though, so I endure.

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  1. You dam well oughta, nasty theorbo man! *grins* *staff lightning smash* - Beorbrand