Friday, July 1, 2011

The Minstrel's clothes

Clothes, or the lack thereof, have been a source of some angst to me over the past few months. As I pointed out some weeks ago, it has not been easy to find a suitable outfit to wear, one that properly expresses my eminence in the musical world.

As a musician, of course, there is no suitable colour but black. One must always, at any cost, be cool. However, can I find a stylin' black outfit? I think not. I remain with a simple tunic and cloak (and look very handsome, of course, don't worry about that), but I yearn for something more, something classy, something that demonstrates my clear superiority over lesser personages.

My search continues.

However, I have had some limited success with my ordinary travel clothes, the ones I use when I go incognito through the world, killing baddies and generally helping to save the day. My Fool was able to find me a rather nice reddish sort of outfit to do with Isengard. The exact connection escapes me, and I don't really see why I should have to be associated with a bunch of horse thieves, but if this is the best my Fool can do, then needs must.

And to go with this I have just purchased a lovely cloak from the Summer festival people, with a complicated golden tree on the back. With a touch of red dye, to make it match my tunic, I do just look quite the dashing cavalier. My new horse is sort of goldy and reddy, my new clothes are sort of goldy and reddy, and I am now, officially, a sort of goldy reddy fashion icon. Madame Celestine's girls will go wild, I just know it.

It's no good for concerts, of course. One just doesn't play music in armour. Back in Black for that (my Fool hears a song coming on). But for other matters, it will suffice.

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