Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aegthil and Fionalula. Hearts entwined. Soon.

And so another great concert, by that great band, BBB, which stands for Blue Bonnet's Band. Or maybe Booze, Buttocks and Babes. Either would do. The crowd went wild. Mostly because they were bobbits, and prone to doing wild and wacky things anyway, but there were some other types there, too. They probably thought of going wild, but were a bit inhibited actually to do it. I could tell.

The Buggerydoos were in fine form, and we kept BlueBonnet away from the cowbell. This is a necessary thing. She gets overexcited, and.... well.... you don't want to know where that cowbell ends up. Nasty. Ashmara never showed, yet again, but we played her new song anyway. Vamos a Bailar. One of the dwarfs, called Boris or something, didn't quite hear the words correctly and thought the song was for him. Boris a Bailar? I don't think so. Anyway, I didn't argue. Never wrestle with a pig, and never argue with a dwarf, for the same reason.

I was immensely successful once again with the ladies. Go figure. I noticed one in particular was giving me the eye. Called Fionalula, as wot I know this becos as wot she is famous. The famous Fionalula, in point of fact. Not as famous as the famous Aegthil (well, who is?) but reasonably well known nevertheless.

Fionalula runs a kinship called Mer Vanny Tiddlyevea, or MVT for short. I'm told they give concerts. Quite inferior ones I'm sure, but hey, at least they get points for trying. I'm always available to give lessons to my less talented acquaintances, which would be everybody. Reasonable rates. They know where to find me.

Anyway, Fionalula from the Vanny Tiddlywinks was eyeing me up something fierce, but trying (unsuccessfully) to hide the basic animal attraction she so clearly felt. Oh Aegthil, she said, oh Aegthil, you're not funny at all. I smiled to myself. I understand such remarks. I know. Beor, get a new front man, says Fionalula. I smirk knowingly. With comments like that I might get lucky. You're not famous at all, she calls. Right, I think to myself, you are so obvious, lady. Calm down, I'll be done soon, and available. (Wrenaya wasn't there. Or Apple-Sherie.) Beor seemed to be listening to her, which was a little weirding out, but hey, if that's the worst Beor does of an evening we're definitely on a winner.

I think that I might try and find Fionalula's address, pop round, maybe ask her out on a date. As long as Apple-Sherie never finds out. Or Wrenaya. Or Beor, come to think of it. I'd end up in the fountain again, at the wrong end of a dwarf. And yes, I heard about that.

After the gig my Fool shot his stupid mouth off and probably caused offence to a friend of mine. I hate it when he does this. I kept kicking him (metaphorically speaking) but he just couldn't keep his mouth closed. I shall have to buy Inzilgagger an extra expensive bag of smokes from Beortich, to make up for my Fool's idiocy.

In other news, my Fool has written Wrenaya's song, with words according to my direction. Every so often my Fool slipped in one of his own lyrics, but I'll just get Beor to sing those. He won't mind, I'm quite sure. It's a sweet, soft and gentle song, for a sweet, soft and gentle lady. Well, all except for those odd lines from my Fool, but let's just try to ignore them if we can.

I look forward to playing it for her. Actually, I really do.


  1. Uhoh, better watch out lest you upset Fionnuala's boyfriend Ingolemo. At least I think he's her boyfriend. He's always leading the band at MVT gigs, and keeps this rabbit he calls "Flopsie". Don't let the cute fuzzy ears fool you, that rabbit is a vicious beast trained to kill!

  2. Oh no! Fionalulu has a boyfriend? I am devastated. But naughty naughty Fionalulu, giving me the eye like that.

    My lips are sealed. I will not brave the rabbit.

  3. You'll get what you deserve, hookmonster, should Ingolemo train Flopsie on your scent! Never get in the way of a loremaster's pet, especially one with BIG, NASTY, pointy teeth. And really, Exlax, you're missing out on pig wrestlin', promise! Beats goats any day of the week! ;)