Monday, August 15, 2011

Foolish Laziness

I have been unable to get out much recently, as my Fool claims to be very busy, so busy that he can allow me out only every so often, and then only for a short time. This will pass, as do all things on this our mortal coil, but until then my life is dull.

Well, except for the excitement of teaching PearlyRose how to play her theorbo. It is always a serious pleasure to help others to find the joy in playing music, not just the joy in listening to me. My Fool does not do any teaching of others how to play, and (of course) nobody ever gets any joy from listening to him, so he rather loses out entirely. It's not clear why he bothers to continue breathing.

However, between my Fool and me we helped PearlyRose grab the right files, put them in the right place, how to hold her theorbo correctly, and what is the best fingering to use. It will be some time, and many many hours of practice, before she will be ready to play my own stupendous music, but she should do very well playing the trivial music of my Fool.

And talking about trivial music, the last BBB show outside the Bird and Baby was an unqualified success, except for the fact that very few people came to listen. But then, why would they? Beor was playing the pipes. However, the music came together well, mostly there were no mistakes, and I looked extraordinarily handsome.

Not so the others, I fear. I am planning on contacting one of the many fashion specialists to design outfits for the Aegthilettes, and a proper outfit for Beor as well. Looking good is important, which Beor doesn't yet seem to have realised. Bluebonnet had made a special effort for the BBB show, and was looking very splendiferous in a lovely black dress, but the others.... well... a hodgepodge of all kinds of inappropriate colours. You just can't be an Aegthilette if you're wearing green. I'm sorry, you just can't.

In other news, my Fool finished his piece for Casin. The Wyrmbane Forge. When he got stuck on that one he dashed off a quick TeddyBears' Picnic for Kyrian. Trivial nonsense. Now he can begin working on his piece for Ashmara, which is only a transcription of a song written by somebody else, and thus much less interesting, but it's a song my Fool particularly likes, so it's not all bad.

Come to think of it, if my Fool wasted less time on writing trivial musical rubbish I would be able to get out more. I shall have to contact my lawyer.


  1. Careful now, get the music teaching bug and you may wind up looking at yourfool fifteen years down the road saying 'Whoa, what happened? Was I ever stupid! Why didn't I become a doctor so I could make booku bucks and still serve others...' Er, wait. It is a very rewarding feeling, however, and I showed Isidril the ropes tonight myself.

    You do not like my potato sack outfit? It's called a death shroud for a reason and it makes me look super duper handsome. I recommend adopting my modus operandi since it is apparent those ugly black robes are not doing the trick. Aegthilettes, eh? Should be interesting to see what you and your tailor come up with... *covers sarcastic grin with beer stein*

    What piece are you doing for Ashmara?
    - B.B.

  2. Vamos a Bailar, by the Gipsy Kings. A piece that I've played many on many a time, and particularly like. And that is an understatement. The Gypsy Kings are a band of genius. Well, were. I could listen to Flamenco Rhumba all day.

    But it's going to be a challenge in abc notation, with only gentle harps, out-of-tune horns, and a totally wimped-out bass. Hmmm......

    Aegthil's Fool

  3. Would sheet music help? I just listened to it and that's quite a crazy long one to do by ear!

  4. Um...... well..... I'm not sure it would actually. Thanks very much for the offer, but I'm not sure how useful it would be. The backing and rhythm, which is way the most important thing, has to be done from scratch no matter what, while the actual notes of the melody, harmony and breaks, are easy to pick out. And I'm not doing the long percussion solos!