Sunday, August 21, 2011


My Fool has finished. He's now stamping around the house vowing he will never ever ever ever ever transcribe another piece of music into abc notation. Ever. Actually, I think it's all just a sign of his incompetence. Quite frankly, how hard can it be? You listen to it, you write it down. Simple. I don't get what all this silly fuss is about. If he wasn't such a moron he'd do an awful lot better, let me tell you.

Anyway, more about me. That's what my avid readers want. I celebrated my release by hanging out in Bree with that nasty bagpipe man and Casin. We didn't actually play any music, which is probably a very good thing, as I think I saw Beor had his pipes, but we visited Beortich, Beortrich, Beortuck, Beorthich.... Beorsomething who was flogging stuff off cheap by the fountain. I bought a sack of smokes that he said was Southfarthing, and lit up.

Bad move.

If that was Southfarthing then I'm a bobbit. A couple of smokes later I was babbling like a baby. Wham. Aegthil's down and out for the count.

I woke up hours later with my mouth tasting like a dwarfs' urinal, and a head the size of Mount Doom. Beor hadn't even bothered to pull me out of the fountain.

Super cool. I need to find Beorthich again, and replenish my supplies.

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  1. On transcribing by ear - you and me both, pal! It's dobable, but it takes forever. Takes so long to become good at it and it's something you use or lose. Prof used to have us write down jazz solo transcriptions. Hard work!

    Hilarious reading this seeing you anticipated what happened to your corpse a bit too well! How emotionally crushing!