Monday, August 29, 2011

An overheard conversation

My Fool overheard a conversation in the kitchen:

Daughter: I saw Dad playing Lotro, and he was like in Moria, and he like fell off this bridge and like RAN AWAY, lol, like he didn't like die or anything he like ran away, lol. [Editor's note: yes, they really talk like this. Like. They are teenagers.]

Son: Lollerskates, that's like really funny, nobody dies in Lotro they all like run away lol

Daughter: lol, yeah, and then he was like walking along and this guy came right up to him and this guy was like "Do you want this sword" just for no reason, and Dad was like "I already have that, thanks" and this guy was like "Oh, OK", and then they just started like talking and shit. [Editor's note: yes, my Fool's children are very rude, badly behaved and badly brought up. They use bad language, of which only a small sample is reproduced here for the sake of authenticity. It is all their mother's fault.]

Son: lol, yeah, I know, it's like everybody is really old and shit and they just like talk all the time in like real sentences and words and stuff.

Daughter: lol, but they just started like talking for no reason.

Son: lol, yeah. I know. It's all old people.

Daughter: lol, no way I'm going to play Lotro, you have to like talk to people.

Son: Yeah, me neither.


  1. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL like LOL LOL LOL. Shit, dude. LOL.

  2. My WoW-playing teenage son is equally scornful of LotRO's aged population and role-playing proclivities. *sighs*

  3. I agree, Ferdinanda. *sigh*. Still, at least it means that we don't have to put up with that segment of the population when *we* play Lotro! Very cloud has a silver lining.