Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tra la la to the birdies.

A special song for a very special lady. My Fool complained about having to do this, but I made him. Unfortunately he was able to sabotage some of the lyrics before I could stop him. Oh dear.

A wav file and an abc file.

And, for reference, here are the lyrics. They are also in the abc file, as it happens. Very sensible, that.

 The lady Wrenaya is the one I adore
 Her beauty is perfection, she hasn't a flaw
 I'd gaze at her all morning, then I'd go back for more
 (What a shame she's 21 and you're 84)

 Her figure is perfect, not too fat or too thin
 Flowers fill the footsteps where Wrenaya has been
 I would be so happy if her heart I could win
 (What a shame you're fat and bald and ugly as sin)


 Ooooooo...... Wrenaya
 Ooooooo...... Wrenaya
 Ooooooo...... Wrenaya
 You're the one for me

 You're my soul's delight
 You're my muse, my inspiration
 The light that lets me see

 When I see Wrenaya, I stammer and blush
 My great sophistication all departs in a rush
 My legs turn into jelly and my brain into mush
 (There's not a lot to change, you've got the brains of a thrush)

 I shaved my head on Monday, 'cause I know it looks great
 I must impress Wrenaya so she'll be my mate
 If it takes a thousand years, well, I don't mind the wait
 (What a shame you're old and fat and fifty years late)

(Chorus, etc)

 Wrenaya is a beauty, as I'm sure you have heard
 She plays like an angel and sings like a bird
 I'd dance on molten metal if she just said the word
 (What a shame you're old and bald and smell like a turd)

(Chorus, etc)

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