Thursday, February 23, 2012

A broken heart

Well, almost. The lovely lovely book that the lovely lovely Wrenaya made for me has finally bitten the dust. Has been melted down to make garden ornaments.

It was a sad, sad moment.

And in its place I have a brand new Ode to Pfft, courtesy of Estellwyn, who made it, and the nasty piper man, who provided the raw materials. What would I do without my friends? Stay out of prison more, I hear you say. Well, you would probably be right.

Oooh, ooh, and I forgot to say before (this is written somewhat later, I admit with shame) that the Tea Lady also sent me some lovely... er.... things, to stick on my new book. I wasn't sure what exactly to do with them, so I'm using them as bookmarks. Very nice bookmarks they are, too.

Unfortunately, it seems that some other friends snuck in and put in some Shire Country Music at page 37. Nasty, nasty stuff. I dirtied my fingers before I even realised, and had to use some tissues and disinfectant to set things right.

So to celebrate, the nasty piper man and I went off to kick some bandit butt, in Defence of the Dancing Goat, Tier 14! And we only died once, and that was towards the beginning, and it was his fault anyway so he deserved it.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, we kicked some serious bandit butt.

In other news, the nasty man and I crashed Ales and Tales the other night, to round up extras for our Rockstar Moving Picture. Some people managed to escape, but not many. The rest we controlled by cutting the elastic on their trousers so they couldn't run away. Actually, Melanie wasn't trying to run but we cut the elastic on her trousers anyway, for obvious reasons. Same with the Tea lady.

What? What's your problem? You mean you DON'T want to see Melanie and the Tea lady without their trousers?

Oh puh-leeze. I simply don't believe you. Take a cold shower and stop telling little porkies.


  1. If only I were a tailor and not a tinker...


  2. Oh dear. I thought you'd like the one on page 37. Wait till you see what I pasted onto page 92! Bwahahaha... er... oops... did I just give myself away?

  3. I have nothing to do with the centerfold insert. Nor do I have anything to do with the missing section on goat lures, FYI. Why ever was there a section on goat lures in your music book?