Sunday, February 5, 2012

Like a butterfly

Just as the lovely butterfly emerges from its cocooned incarceration, spreads its wings and takes flight for the admiration and wonder of all, so do I emerge from Madame Celestine's, well refreshed (although a little tired, I must admit), and take wing across the land, spreading joy and love to my multitude of fans.

Oh yeah. My Fool has finally returned, and thus my release. Hallelujah.

Life is, as one might expect, full of social calls and musical duties. Anarwald is the proud recipient of a piece of musical rubbish that my Fool wrote while travelling. It is called Anarwald's Pavlova. Don't ask why, as the story is complicated and uninteresting. And the Lonely Mountain Band has also been the somewhat less proud recipient of yet another piece of musical nonsense that my Fool likes to call the LMB anthem. Right. Anthem.

How pathetic.

My dear kinmates are still working on the lyrics. I shall leave them to it. I am far too important to sully my pristine hands with the filth of lyric writing. No way.

My next task, you ask? To make the Riders of Rohan love me a little more. They should already you would think, but for some strange reason they don't seem all that keen on me. This must change.

However, I did find a lovely pair of Rose Boots while doing menial chores for the Riders, so it has not been a complete waste.

Rose is the new Black, and I am still gorgeous.

Yee Haw.

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  1. I think a picture of said boots is in order. C'mon. Preen a bit.

    B.B., Most Degenerate