Monday, February 13, 2012

It works!

My mind is at ease now. My disguise was impenetrable. My wig and false moustache fooled everybody, and anonymity was mine.

Farewell to Aegthil of Gondor. Welcome Aegthil of Bree. At least until Lady B stops her crusade against the better things of life. One of them being me, of course.

Although reports are conflicting, there is a persistent rumour that Lady B turned up to the BBB show last night, with her henchbobbits. I thought I recognised her immediately even though she wasn't wearing her signature blue and red tights. Thank Eru for that, let me add, in a fashion aside. She stood off to one side, scowling fit to burst, and clearly searching for someone. But she was oblivious! She had no idea that, standing right in front of her playing the horn, was none other than Aegthil of Gondor. The famous Aegthil of Gondor. She just thought it was simple Aegthil of Bree, the non-famous Aegthil, in his full hirsute aspect.

Totally fooled, she was. Totally fooled. Oh boy, did I giggle to myself.

Of course, my dear friends in BBB were a great help, referring to me as "Burt" all night. I'm not entirely sure where the Burt came from, but that certainly added to the overall confusion. And dear Sarasti took over the theorbo duties, and didn't make too many startling errors, so we must be thankful for that, also. Actually, Sarasti was in rather fine voice, particularly in the foreign numbers, with all those funny foreign words.

As usual, the crowd went wild (it's no wonder that Lady B gets so annoyed!). Ladies swooned, the men cheered. Some of them swooned too. Mind you, it was rather a puzzle to know for whom they were swooning and cheering, as the famous Aegthil of Gondor wasn't there. It wasn't for Beorbrand, we know that much, as nobody but a goat would swoon for Beorbrand. Maybe it was for Ranph and Filsi. Or for Sarasti, in the case of the men. Not for Bandoras or Anarwald, no way.

I did notice one very handsome dorf lady there, and maybe she had a thing for Beorbrand. Wouldn't surprise me. With all that beard his face does look a little like the rear end of a goat, which, we are reliably informed, can get the dorfs excited.

Anyway, the swooning and cheering was deafening, as it ought to be. The famous Fionalulu was there also, in one of her rare appearances since her widely publicised lovers' tiff with Gourgini (still nowhere to be found). The lovely Tess, still a gender-confused daughter of Numenor, put in a much-appreciated appearance also. A great improvement to the scenery. And, of course, the inimitable Teabrew was dancing and singing along with great enthusiasm, and even greater sultry appeal.

Oh yeah.

Melanie had headed off to bed earlier, with three hobbits and a goat in tow. I don't even want to think about that.

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  1. Well, that explains why Burt seemed to be someone's good-looking older cousin. (The beard evokes a more fatherly feeling, no matter the color)